antique decoy


having many books on decoys and 2 good friends with impressive collections that i could use to match colors and shapes, i learned from trial and error and even became somewhat of a partial expert on restoring old abused decoys.  it’s also become a passion of mine  observing, touching, and especially holding these rare and valuable pieces of art, taught me about their techniques and materials.  being able to bring one of the great folk art pieces back to life is a real pleasure.

i have experience in restoring many kinds and styles of decoys from all over the country.  i can replace tails, bills, even complete heads to bring the bird back to it’s original look.  i don’t usually restore decoys to a new, pristine condition, instead i like to bring it back to working form with worn areas, scratches, dings, and even shot holes.


If interested in finding out more about my restoration services, and prices, feel free to call or email me with questions and photos.  You can also arrange to meet me at many of the decoy shows and auctions that I attend every year.


Before I started to focus my work

on carving contemporary antiques, I learned how to restore real antique decoys out of necessity.  I started collecting old decoys i found at flea markets and junk stores in my travels.  I couldn’t afford the good ones, instead my budget only allowed me to buy abused and broken decoys that i could restore and repair.