Even though I am now producing more antique style contemporary  decoys and fish, i still on occasion am asked to carve the more realistic style duck or bird.  i try and never say no to a collector, especially these days.   I have several customers who only collect the fancy, realistic type of birds and ducks, and many get one every year.  I also continue and support several conservation organizations with my fancier carved birds.  Delta waterfowl. Coastal conservation Association, Quail unlimited, and the Elk foundation are some of the fine conservation groups that i am more than happy to help raise money.

All my realistic song birds, ducks, and game birds are all carved out of tupelo gum wood and painted with gouache and oil paints.  Each piece is an original one-of-a-kind design and i never duplicate carvings.  all kinds of ducks and birds can be made to your personal requirements and desired size.

I love carving song birds and like the extra design and thought needed that involve habitat, feet, and environment. Being fortunate to have won the Bird-in-nest competition held at odcca decoy show in Westlake, Ohio for 5 straight years is an accomplishment that i’m very proud of.  i especially enjoy carving seldom seen birds from the southwestern united states, south america, and even africa. the 2 years that i worked for the wildlife museum gave the opportunity to study many kinds of birds from all over the world.  the museum of natural history in denver also had one the largest libraries of study skins of rare and hard to find birds that i was able to check out and use as study mounts.

the wild Turkey is also one of my favorite game bird to carve and paint, even with the extra time and design requirements needed for such a bird.