works of art

I am constantly finding new subject matters and

arrangements of birds, ducks, and fish to fuel my

creative side.   Hand made working decoys are

                         showing up more and more   in hunting

                                               rigs.  I have a few    collectors

                                                who buy 3-6 every year to add

                                                to their person hunting rigs

                                                 and have become great gifts

                                                      ideas.  Another area i have

                                                           really been excited about

                                                            is the hanging “dead

                                                             mounts” in the style of

                                                               the great carver

                                                             alexander pope.  fish, game birds, and of

                                                      course ducks work well in this venue.   Shore

                                   bird hunting boxes have become a real favorite of mine to make.  These usually consist of 6 ‘flatty’ birds in an old wooden box with a scene painted in the lid, a few sticks, and even comes with some old paper shot gun shells.